Stephen K. Procunier, L.Ac., M.A.O.M., BS, L.M.T. 

Stephen Procunier LAc

I was given a foundation in the natural healing and Eastern thought from my mother at a very early age.  I had no idea at the time that these introductions would influence my entire life.  At the age of 20 I was injured quite severely and these influences became the support system by which I was able to avoid surgeries and desperate medical interventions.  Over the ensuing 15 yrs. the practice of Yoga kept me from the doctor’s knife.  In 1985 the physical disability and it’s symptoms led me to seek acupuncture in Portland, Oregon.  After several weeks of acupuncture treatments my years of debilitating pain began to fade.  Although I had no idea at the time what these events, and the advice of a MD friend to “seek other employment”, would mean for the rest of my life, I enrolled at The East West College of Massage Therapy in Portland.  After training and passing Oregon exams to practice massage, I enrolled at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland.  After 4yrs I graduated with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and after becoming State Licensed and Nationally Certified I began private practice and splitting time working at the Portland Acupuncture and Addictions Center in Portland.  Tere and I moved to Coos Bay, Oregon in 1994 to open Three Branches Clinic. 

Natural Healing has always been at the heart of my personal life and I have been blessed to be able to study with many gifted teachers in many modalities from the most practical to the esoteric.  I bring these many skills into the treatment session in what I call “Blue Collar Japanese Style Acupuncture”.  This is my own form of healing that is very personal and very results oriented.  My methods are due in part to my world renowned Japanese teacher Kiiko Matsumoto of whom I am deeply grateful.   

I also trained in Chinese Herbal medicine and have studied with some of the finest Herbalists in the NW. I retain a very large herbal pharmacy and I offer this as an adjunct to my acupuncture.  I also have trained and studied clinical nutrition and offer advice to patients on diet and possible nutritional supplementation.  Most recently I have trained with both British and American teachers in the use of Essential Oils (sometimes referred to as Aromatherapy).  I am very excited and my goal is International Certification.  

I am convinced that laughter and willingness are the two most important ingredients in healing.

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Teresa Branson, L.M.T.

Tere Branson LMT

Hi, my name is Teresa Branson, but please call me Tere (pronounced like Terry).  I’m a licensed massage therapist in the state of Oregon and have been since January 1995.  I graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon in late1994, and I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  What got me into massage school in the first place was a desire to work on horses.  Although I work on animals from time to time, I work with my partner, in our clinic, full time on humans.

I’ve studied many modalities over the years, which include Trigger Point Therapy, Raindrop Technique, using therapeutic grade essential oils, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Orthobionomy, Onsen, TuiNa, a rolling, vibrational technique which is quite common in China, and, of course, Swedish Massage, and more.

My personal style is eclectic in nature as I pull from a variety of the above influences to put together a custom treatment for each client I work with.  For a list of issues you may relate to,  here are some of the categories I work with:

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